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Pootle wants YOU (and your server)

Pootle is an online translation tool, created directly and efficiently to handle concurrent translation from any Net connection, and with a variety of key access and currency procedures. With Pootle, you share the translation load, and all your information is in one place, easily accessible to your translation team.

You can run your own Pootle installation, which allows you to customize it to your particular needs. This is especially useful for translate-a-thons: run up your Pootle server a couple of days before, invite everybody in, and get through a pile of translation with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of co-operation. ;-)

Pootle is Rendezvous for translation: it's translation online.

Key points to remember when comparing Pootle with any other online translation tool:

  • Pootle is open-source, free software, every bit of it
  • Pootle is not focussed on any single project: you are its priority
  • The Pootle community is very welcoming and adaptable: come and enjoy its support, and share your experience!
  • Pootle will continue to develop its features and refine its processes: your input will help shape the Pootle you want

Pootle Server needed

Currently, the main Pootle server at has become so successful that it's severely overloaded. New translation teams and projects arrive each week, and we want to do our best for them. Do you have a server you could contribute to Pootle? Have you upgraded, and your previous computer is feeling unloved? Have your computers secretly been networking while you weren't watching, and you have more computers than you started with?

To run effectively, a server needs to have:

  1. at least 512MB RAM, pref 1GB or more
  2. around 10GB free disk space (could do with less but the more the better)
  3. at least a 2GHz processor

So if you know of a server which could join the Pootle community, and be as welcome as you are, please contact us. :-) You can email David Fraser directly or use the Pootle mailing list at (replace the [at], [dash] and [dot] with @, - and .)