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Скриншоты Virtaal

Здесь представлены несколько скриншотов программы. Хотя они и не показывают всю функциональность, но мы надеемся, что они дадут представление об отличительных чертах Virtaal.


Virtaal can provide word based suggestions for some of the longer words you have used before. This way you can increase your typing speed.

Virtaal automatically suggesting a way to complete the word

Translation Memory Suggestions

Virtaal can also provide suggestions for whole strings from sources such as the current file, previous translations, and several others.

Virtaal showing suggestions from translation memory

Easy manipulation of placeables

(Available since Virtaal 0.4)

Virtaal can highlight placeables and makes it easy to insert them. This avoids typing errors, and increases productivity.

Virtaal on Windows

Here Virtaal is Running on Windows Vista. Virtaal should work well on all Windows systems from Windows 2000 onwards with the installer we provide.

Virtaal running on Windows Vista

Virtaal on OS X

Here Virtaal is running, and nicely integrated, on OS X and shows the search functionality.

Virtaal running on OSX