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What a translator doing opensource is likely to encounter

Items possibly in this section:

  • comprehensive intro to Gettext PO
  • tools to work with PO, ways PO might occur in the wild
  • translation of GUI vs translation of help files, and tools to do it
    • tools such as the Translate Toolkit
    • possibly also mention of FLOSS CAT tools

A translator who is given a paid job that involves interaction with the opensource community should be made aware of the items in this section. Other modules in the CLP will make mention of the proprietary side of things, so this module has to shed light on the opensource versions or variety.

Will wikify later…

Intro to gettext po

(In this module we regard the gettext clan as the only respectible group and we regard other l10n systems as amateurish attempts (but we don't say it directly))

Dwayne does not want information about how PO is generated but I think it may be good to include a slide about it.

although variables and placeholders will be dealt with ijn other modules we might as well mention it here again.

structure of a PO file
- header and what is in it
- what a wrong header might do

  1. PoEdit wants an encoding declaration
  2. Virtaal wants no BOM

- what are the typical elements of the message

different PO dialects:
- the dialect (but we'll call it something like the de facto dialect)
- the XMLic dialect
- the twinfile dialect
… and let's not call them dialects, some ppl may take offense

A little bit about BOMs
file differences between platforms (eg line endings etc)
mac x win x lin

why one might find several sentences in a single message
merging PO messages (don't do it!)

overview of most common PO editors:
* Dedicated:
- PoEdit
- VirTaal (well, might as well tout it)
- any others?
- KBabel perhaps?
* Also support:
- Swordfish
* Partial support:
- OmegaT
- other proprietary CAT tools
(might also mention some problems one might have with those tools)

special issues with regard to translating GUI versus help files
- help files often in HTML or ODT or similar
- not sure what one can say here…

* Gettext Tools
* The TTkit
how these tools work and what they are for
most common functions of them (checks, merging, etc)

PO versus MO