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How a translator should interact with the community

Items for this section include:

  • what is the place of the translation in a software development
  • versioning, upstreaming
  • bug reporting
  • mailing lists

If a translator is given slightly more leeway or a little bit more responsibility in his job that takes him to the opensource world, he may be expected to interact with the community in the ways mentioned in this article.

Will wikify later…

what is the place of translation? let me see…

typical strategy for i18n (the wrong way)
- no preparation beforehand to ensure good source text
- very seldom a strict style guide
- floss projects often do not thing about l10n until the very end

ideal situation
- english text is simple and without ambiguities

when is gettext applied to source files?

SVN and similar tools
- how they work
- permissions
- advantages of using them

informal coordination systems

the SF ticket approach

lessons learnt from:
the TP

translator on a job will probably just deliver to his direct contact
in commercial jobs, it may be that agency has its own online system

a translation difficulty is a BUG, not merely an annoyance!
ambiguity = bug

channels of communication in the opensource world
- mailing lists
- SF forums
- SF, GoogleCode, etc
- IRC channels
- own forums