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Broad schematic of the opensource training module

Target audience

The opensource module is aimed at translators (and possibly project managers) who come from a proprietary translation background, who now has to do opensource translation. Developers are not the intended target audience of this module.

Purpose of the module

  • to make translators aware that opensource is a community
  • make translators aware of the culture and rules of this community
  • teach translators how to interact with development projects
  • training in PO and issues relating to PO
  • to subtly encourage translators to participate in the opensource community long after their paid work had ended

Base assumption

The base assumption of the design of the module is as follows:

  • “opensource” is not a type of translation
  • “opensource” is not a type of text
  • “opensource” is not a type of program
  • “opensource” is a community

The assumption that opensource is an informal but largely cohesive community lies at the heart of the design of this module. The key phrase of this module will be “opensource is a community”.

Another assumption in the module will be that Gettext PO is by far the most common opensource localisation format.

The module will be very tightly focussed on opensource. The following items are therefore not relevant to the module at all:

  • anything remotely proprietary
  • the dry history of anything to do with opensource
  • volunteerism (except possibly as part of a 4th module)
  • non-FLOSS community
  • crowdsourcing, freeware, fansubbing, etc
  • issues specifically for developers

The module itself

The training module will consist of a reading list (to be read beforehand) and three presentations (or possibly four).

    • licenses
    • interaction between different projects
    • why many can work on the same project
    • comprehensive intro to Gettext PO
    • tools to work with PO, ways PO might occur in the wild
    • translation of GUI vs translation of help files, and tools to do it
    • what is the place of the translation in a software development
    • versioning, upstreaming
    • bug reporting
    • mailing lists
    • motivation (help your language etc)
    • volunteerism
    • things to remember when staying with the project
    • other roles a translator can fulfil (eg document writing)
    • if there is space/resources: mention FLOSS case studies

Visitors, please help...

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