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Support for iCalendar (*.ics) files. This allows calendars to be localised.

The format extracts certain properties from VEVENT objects. The properties are limited to textual entries that would need to be localised, it does not include entries such as dates and durations that would indeed change for various locales.



We are not creating iCal files, simply extracting localisable information and rebuilding the file. We rely on VObject to ensure correctness.

The following data is extracted:


No other sections are extracted.


LANGUAGE: not a multilingual solution

It is possible to set the language attribute on an entry e.g.


However since only one SUMMARY entry is allowed this does not allow you to specify multiple entries which would allow a single multilingual file. With that in mind it is not clear why the LANGUAGE attribute is allowed, the examples they give are for LOCATION entries but that is still not clearly useful.

Broken Lotus Notes

Lotus notes creates broken iCalendar files. They include _ (underscore) is some of the property names, [A-Z0-9\-] are the only valid chars. Therefore, we require vobject >= v0.6.5 (but there is unfortunately no way to check for the version of vobject). See vobject bug #12008 for further details.

Development Notes

If we use LANGUAGE at all it will be to ensure that we specify that an entry is in a given language.