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Most of the information on this page has been moved:

Note that lookupserver has been replaced by tmserver as the best way to provide a translation memory service. This is kept for reference only. Tmserver should be used for all work. The lookupservice and lookup client has been removed from the Toolkit with version 1.8.0.


The lookupserver is a service that can be accessed via http and queried via XML-RPC. It can perform lookup of strings in certain storage formats.


lookupserver [--port=portnumber] [--address=hostname] [--language=languagename] storagefile

where storagefile is the file from which queries must be answered.


--port set the port number on which to listen
--address the hostname to bind to
--language the target language for the lookup operation


The server can be queried using any XML-RPC client. Example code is provided in the file Running


with no parameters will connect to a lookupserver on the localhost as long as default settings were used by the server. Words can then be typed in and the reply from the server will be displayed in the client in the native format of the file store used by the server.