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PO Files

PO files use the file format of the Gettext tools. See

For information on KDE style PO files, see

Supported Features

  • Headers
  • Plural forms and plural form handling
  • Obsolete messages
  • Message Context (msgctxt)
  • Language header (since gettext version 0.17)
  • Previous message ID and context (#| msgid and #| msgctxt)

Supported comments

  • normal comments
    # this is another comment
  • automatic comments
    #. comment extracted from the source code
  • source location comments
  • typecomments
    #, fuzzy
  • msgidcomments
    magid "_: within msgid\n"

    Also know as KDE style comments as they are used by KDE for message disambiguation and comments to translators. (support for this is being phased out)

  • obsolete messages
    #~ msgid "Blah"
    #~ msgstr "Bleeh"
  • previous msgid and msgctxt
     #| msgid "previous message"

Unsupported Features

Alternate language

msgid "English"
msgid[af] "Engels"

(This was proposed but not yet accepted in a released version of Gettext.)