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User Tools 2.0.x Checklist

See building for info on how to build it

Generic fixes

Generic things that need to be done to enable some generic features we need for building:

  • Add a new SDF file and have it read and included (currently SDF is read once and never again even if updated) (DB has a sot of patch)
  • Generic way to include spell checkers, hyphenation and autocorrect in ./download and unpack them from src/ (DB has patches but not way to get spell checkers downloaded etc. See i#60816, i#60821, i#60822 for files)
  • Branding done the right way (Branding is there just needs to be done in the new way and perhaps updated)
  • Check on our need for DejaVu (do we need to still build with it?)
  • Multilingual build on Linux (we can do it on Windows, can we do it on Linux so that we can include a Linux build on the CD)

Items to check for building

The things we need to check-off for the various builds

  • Graphics
    • Splash
    • About
    • Installer
  • Translations: Afrikaans, English (ZA), Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu
  • Spell Checking: Afrikaans, English (ZA), others?
  • Hyphenation: Afrikaans, English (ZA), Zulu
  • Thesaurus: English (based or linked to en-GB)
  • AutoCorrect: Afrikaans, English (ZA)
  • Translate.dic - for special terms

Still todo

  • Number replacements 1st → 1^st (Afrikaans 1ste → 1^ste, etc.)
  • Wizards and templated