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Building for

These are instructions for building the builds of along with notes on which things still need fixing. See openoffice for more information

We focus on building the stable branch, although patches may be worked on in the other branches.

Linux Builds

Linux builds are done on

The ooo-build source code is checked out in /opt/ooo-build, under different directories for each branch. This directory is owned by the build group.

Initial Setup

  • Setting up ooo 2.0.3
  • Installed neccessary requirements following Ubuntu Build Instructions
    • ln -s /usr/bin/gcj-4.0 /usr/bin/gcj --- seems that one component needs gcj and somehow the config doesn't know about gcj == gcj-4.0
    • Installled libxaw7-dev --- headers seemed to already be there but not the dev package. Error was '/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXaw'
  • --enable-epm and --with-package-format=“rpm deb” to build RPMs and Debs.
  • doconfigure and dobuild simple wrapper scripts used to control build
  • Building installers is done by going into the build's instsetoo_native/util directory and running dmake openoffice_en-ZA,af,nr,ns,ss,st,ts,tn,ve,xh,zu etc
  • dmake ooolanguagepack to build the language packs although the above should build a multilingual language setup… (me thinks)
  • OOo 204 on Dapper
    • Needed mozilla-dev, java-gcj-compat-dev and libdbus-glib-1-2-dev (this last one I think now solves the problem of Ubuntu having a too old version)
    • sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-gcj

Windows Builds

Windows builds are done on davidf's machine at the moment

Transferring build system

This needs to be transferred … Andreas is going to set this up in a virtual machine with all the requirements which will make it slightly easier to move around in future. Then he will build 204.


As of 2006-09-28 multilingual build:

  • Installer branding seems to be correct
  • Splash screen branding is vanilla (af test)
  • About screen branding is vanilla and says 20060909 - rebuild? (af test)
  • dictionaries not installed (af test)
  • SDK build fails (not a bad thing ;-))


  • language selection - split up tml's patch and didn't apply deselection part
  • updated list of languages in Langpack.ulf from latest CVS
    • missing could be because not in sdf fo SA english
  • doing full rebuild from scratch
  • build of multilingual download version fails because it's inserting English 11 times into the script in nsis directory - investigate
  • Hopefully branding is fixed - awaiting test results from heather

2006-11-25 (2.0.3)

  • Seems language selection in installer is OK when running in English (all labelled except for English South Africa?)
  • Spell checking working for en-ZA and af
  • Theme seems to be Novell-type theme
  • Branding looks good
  • build of multilingual download version fails because it's inserting English 11 times into the script in nsis directory - investigate