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Website TODO


General gardening on the wiki and sourceforge website:

  • Create a section of using toolkit as a development platform
  • Clean up the developer sections, migrate old stuff into developer namespace
  • Move translations into own namespace (especially Vietnamese)
  • Implement multilingual plugin
    • txt2po - check that we can do it
    • - automate pushing PO files onto the server
      • We could either push or pull.
    • po2txt - to convert the translations
    • Reinsert into dokuwiki - might be a problem. Probably need import but not sure what wikl happen with versioning.

Technical needs:

  • Is it possible to make our interwiki bugzilla links live? i.e. 247 would become 247 when the bug is closed.
  • Implement include plugin to allow sidbars to be always up to date as they will be generated.


  • Intergrate IRC or Mibbit to allow people to connect to use using IRC from the website.



* Supybot - use this for various functions including logging and bug bot as above.