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WordForge Project

The WordForge project was a project funded by OSI and the IDRC that worked towards simplifying the process of localisation of Software. Development was done with Free and Open Source software in mind, but its process and tools are also applicable to other types of software. The primary partners were and KhmerOS.

The WordForge project focused on standard data formats (PO, XLIFF) and localisation process data to improve the efficiency of translators and keep tight control of technical aspects of translation, while staying away from other technical issues of localisation not related to translation (such as source code modification).

WordForge took the Translate Toolkit and Pootle to new heights. The project also enhanced these tools to become more compliant with the various LISA standards (TMX, TBX). Pootle acts as a localisation management system in a localisation environment.

The project's end objective was to make it easier for new teams to start localising and to use tools to help us improve the quality of localised software. To that end the project was a success and has helped to stimulate further development in the FOSS localisation space.

Project outputs