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How to handle PO files

Pootle currently talks directly to PO files in the future we are adding XLIFF support and this is how we could handle PO with XLIFF.

Everything is XLIFF

  • Store Pootle files in XLIFF using the <skel> to store the original PO
  • All process info is then carried in the XLIFF
  • Downloads of PO files are then extracted from the XLIFF
  • PROs
    • One format
  • CONs
    • Not as simple to get PO files out
    • xliff2po must work flawlessly

PO and XLIFF simultatiously

  • Pootle can handle either PO files or XLIFF
  • XLIFF stores process info internally
  • Pootle stores snippets of process info in parrallel files eg .file.po.xlf
  • PROS
    • Easy to understand
  • CONS
    • Multiple formats - cumbersome