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Roadmap: Completed Milestones

Once milestone work is complete it moves from the roadmap to here.

Translate Toolkit 0.8

Released 2006-02-21

Objective: stabalise the toolkit and validate its reliability. Build tests around it to make sure that we can make radical changes without affecting existing functionality.

  • Stable 0.8 release
  • Test coverage - aiming for “full” coverage ie every tool tested
  • Wiki → Static for docs to be distributed
  • Branch wiki docs for the toolkit


  • Functional specifications for Pootle
  • Secified how XLIFF formats will be used for storing, managing and using process information in Pootle

Compiler Farm and misc tools

  • Compiler Farm: Server builds 2.0.2 in Linux x86 (32 bits) and Evaluated x86_64
  • Tools: LocaleGEN 1.0 stable (including oo2cldr and oo2lgen functions), 15+ Locales sent to CLDR