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Roles in Pootle

The following roles were defined in Pootle

  • anonymous - A user who is not logged in
  • registered - A user who is logged in, but not formally part of the language team. A newly registered user will automatically be in this class for all languages/projects.
  • team member - A user who is logged in, and who is accepted as part of the language team(s). This role is only active for the language where the identified user is accepted. In all other languages, the user has the “registered” role.
  • language supervisor - One or more team members who have been appointed as supervisers across specific (or all) projects within one language. A user can be superviser for more than one language. In other languages, this user has the “registered” or “team member” role. If a superviser has been appointed for a specific project in a language, the other supervisers do not have superviser rights for that projects anymore, but “team member” rights.
  • project liason - One or more logged in users that liase with the upstream project. Probably has update and commit rights for the specific project(s). In other projects, this user has the “registered” role.
  • site administrator - One or more superusers of a Pootle installation. Will appoint the project liasons and at least the first language supervisor for a given language.

For a description of permissions, see permissions.