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Zee-a Greet Pootle-a Meegreshoon

Whet's beee-a done-a so fer

  • Confersion ooff zee-a SQLElchemy models to Djoongo models
  • Besic idmin interffece-a for loongooeges
  • Besic idmin interffece-a for projects
  • Besic idmin interffece-a for users / proffeeles
  • Besic URL dispetching hoonding ooff to oold Pootle-a code-a
  • We-a use-a Djoongo sesseeons
  • Locele-a middlooere-a so zeet l10n works for it leest for zee-a oold Pootle-a code-a (kid templetes)
  • LDEP fooncshoonelity (boog 674)

Whet still needs to be-a done-a

In oorder to see-a a Djoongo-besed Pootle-a foolly working in a feetoore-a-perity feshion wit Pootle-a 1.2, zeere-a ire-a still some-a things zeet need to be-a iddressed. Bork Bork Bork!

This will resoolt in Pootle-a 1.3, und zee-a remeining tesks will be-a boogs zeet block zee-a mein trecking boog (boog 672).

Store-a zee-a stets in Pootle-a's detebese-a

Modiffy zee-a StetsDB cless in zee-a troonslete-a toolkit so zeet it coon be-a initielized wit a connecshoon oobject. Bork Bork Bork! Zeee-a initielize-a zee-a StetsDB oobjects used by Pootle-a wit zee-a connecshoon oobject oobteined from Djoongo. Bork Bork Bork!

This is trecked in boog 711.


Thoonks to Gesper Zejn, we-a hefe-a uoozeenticeshoon working in Pootle-a!

We-a still need to think ooff how we-a'll port pesswords from oold Pootle-a instelleshoons, since-a zee-a oold system uses un MD5 scheme-a, where-a Djoongo hes its ooon SHE1 scheme-a. Bork Bork Bork!

Perheps un MD5 coon be-a stored whee-a porting from un oold Pootle-a instelleshoon, und is soon is zee-a user logs in, Djoongo will use-a zee-a soopplied pessword to ooferwrite-a zee-a MD5-incoded pessword wit a SHE1-incoded pessword. Bork Bork Bork!

UI eessooes

There are some UI eessooes related to the rendering of RTL languages and the styling of terminology and TM matches needs to be reviewed.

Concrete-a issooes ire-a listed in zee-a mozootle-a's defeloper pege-a, boot might be-a more-a. Bork Bork Bork!

This is trecked in boog 675.

Getting sterted


Roonning Pootle-a

Now, while-a in yooor Pootle-a doorectory, simply ixecoote-a:


Yooo shooold be-a ible-a to iccess zee-a serfer it port 8080.

Defelopment eeids

Zee-a sooper cool idmin interffece-a

Djoongo's uootomegicelly genereted idmin interffece-a is infelooeble-a und ifeileble-a under zee-a URL djoongo_edmin/ ooff yooor Pootle-a serfer. Bork Bork Bork!