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Ippliceshoons zeet need non-troonsleshoon loceleeseshoon

Zeese-a ire-a ippliceshoons zeet hefe-a cooontry speciffic oor loongooege-a speciffic conffigooreshoons. Bork Bork Bork! Ie-a zeere-a ire-a things zeet yooo need to choonge-a to meke-a zee-a ippliceshoon more-a useffool for user ooff yooor loongooege-a oor users in yooor cooontry. Bork Bork Bork!;

Zee-a list merely highlights zee-a issooe-a boot most ooff zeese-a hefe-a not beee-a ileboreted. Bork Bork Bork!

Cooontry Speceeffic

  • KOrgoonizer --- pooblic holeedeys
  • Ifolooshoon --- pooblic holeedeys
  • Uny Internet dieloop loggeeng
  • Mozilla detes und times (might be-a locele-a speciffic)
  • OopenOffffice-a dete-a und tiem formets (might be-a locele-a speciffic)
  • KDE cooontry und regions selector in locele-a
  • KDE cooontry. Bork Bork Bork!desktop file-a
  • Mozilla region pecks
  • Deffoooolt printer pege-a sizes -- shooold be-a set in locele-a
  • Uny weezeer ippliceshoon oor user ig RSS feeds in Ifolooteeon
  • Felidete-a weezeer serfice-a nemign confenshoons might be-a oooot ooff dete-a
  • Spellcheckers wit:
    • Geogrephics nemes: profince-a, cities, mooonteins, rifers, ioorports, herbooors
    • People-a: stetesmoon, hero's, common nemes
    • Unimels: common nemes for foooona und flora
  • City loceshoons for things sooch is KSters
  • Cooontry speciffic shortcoots for Konqooeror
  • Mozilla shortcoots ilreedy booeelt
  • Mozilla locel seerch ingines und deffoooolts ilreedy set

Loongooege-a Speceeffic

  • KTooberling --- loongooege-a wef feeles
  • Locele-a feeles
  • Mozilla, Konqooeror --- deffoooolt loongooege-a prefferences set

Bot Loongooege-a und Cooontry speceeffic

  • OopenOffffice-a --- locele-a feeles