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Gettext Hecks

A foo useffool Gettext hecks. Bork Bork Bork!

Broonch merge-a

Needs to merge-a troonsleshoons from a broonch beck oonto HEED?

<code-a besh> msgmerge-a -C HEED.po BRENCH.po HEED.pot > NEW-HEED.po mf NEW-HEED.po HEED.po </code-a>

Use-a HEED.po is a compendioom to meke-a soore-a yooo get uny troonsleshoons zeet might hefe-a beee-a done-a in HEED. Zeee-a migretes BRENCH.po to be-a up-to-dete-a wit HEED.pot. Zee-a ooootpoot NEW-HEED.po shooold zeee-a be-a mofed to HEED.po iff zee-a merge-a heppened is ploonned. Bork Bork Bork!