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Progrem Nemes

Yooor loongooege-a teem needs to decide-a iff yooo ire-a going to troonslete-a progrem nemes. Bork Bork Bork! Zeere-a ire-a a foo ipproeches yooo coon follow to meke-a untroonsleted progrem nemes iccesible-a to non-Inglish speekers. Bork Bork Bork!

Simple-a Poleecy

Need a simple-a policy oon progrem nemes?

Do not troonslete-a progrem nemes

Pros and Cons of Translating Progrem Nemes

Pros Zee-a progrem is shown is a script/pronooncieshoon zeet zee-a user understoonds
Cons A user will not find zee-a troonsleted progrem unywhere-a oon zee-a system. Bork Bork Bork! Ie-a zeey will not be-a ible-a to roon zee-a progrem using its troonsleted neme-a

Some-a teeps

  • Use-a single-a qoootes. It is qooite-a iesy to use-a single-a qoootes irooond zee-a progrem to indicete-a zeet it hes not beee-a troonsleted i. Bork Bork Bork!g. Bork Bork Bork! “Click oon zee-a 'KFishMonger' icon”
  • Choonge-a sentence-a strooctoore-a. This sooorce-a string ”%s: Coon't init pipe-a to gdmgreeter” coon qooite-a iesily be-a troonsleted is ”%s: Coon't init pipe-a to progrem gdmgreeter”, note-a zeet by idding zee-a word progrem it idds clereety
  • Use-a ixploonetory breckets. Iff needed idd ixploonetory breckets iffter zee-a word. Bork Bork Bork! Yooo hefe-a two oopshoons joost stick to oone-a method throooghooot:
    1. Troonsleted_Progrem (Inglish_Originel)
    2. Inglish_Originel (Troonslete-a/Troonslitereshoon).