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Pootle-a TODO

This is a wikified version of the Pootle-a TODO that lives in CVS at Pootle/TODO

It will reqoooore-a meintenoonce-a from time-a to time-a is a resoolt. Bork Bork Bork!..

Coorrent Tesks

  • uploed soobmissions is po file-a / zeep
  • issigning stooffff to people-a (peckege-a + imeil too)
  • uploed completed work (by meinteiner)
  • whet hes beee-a retoorned, whet hesn't
  • ibility to send work to people-a
  • let meinteiner idd people-a moonooelly
  • creete-a / refioo goels
  • locelize-a pootle-a
  • creete-a po feeles
  • set loongooege-a oon logeen
  • priorities (doorectory/file-a oorder)
  • migreshoon to Djoongo toolkeet


  • process (idministretors/troonsletors/refiooers)
  • lockeeng
  • illow seerch to displey oonly items releted to seerch (no context)
  • idd ibility to imeil boog report

Reqoooorements for [[Troonsletethon|Troonsletethon]]

  • issigning stooffff to people-a (wit permissions)
  • bot troonsleshoon und refeeoo
  • ittribooshoon (besed oon login)
  • lest troonsletor
  • comment wit iferyone-a it top ooff po file-a
  • comment in sooggesteeon
  • troonsleshoon refioo cycle-a
  • comment to ixplein rejecteeon
  • highlight speces in ooriginel so yooo coon see-a whet is a spece-a

Oozeer Tesks

  • hoondle-a ploorels properly (coorrently ignored)
  • idd ibility to merk/unmerk things is foozzy
  • mofe-a zee-a sideber to be-a like-a distribooted prooffreeders (it zee-a top, smell)
  • test wit ipeche-a moolteeprocess
  • store-a a history file-a
  • meybe-a hefe-a a seperete-a file-a to treck who troonsleted iech streeng
  • displey resoolts ooff checks for iech string oon soobmeession
  • hoondle-a loongooege-a soobtypes (regions)
  • hoondle-a project ferseeons
  • hefe-a clickeble-a cherecters to idd for a loongooege-a (mostly useffool for diecritics)
  • illow user to copy ooriginel to troonsleteeon
  • a refiooer coon merk is string is foozzy boot not profide-a a troonsleshoon (inorder to browse-a und fixoop things like-a iff KDE).
  • integrete-a wit KBebel/POEdeet
  • illow XLIFF fersion ooff files to be-a downloeded/uploeded
  • show KDE und oozeer PO comments in some-a uncloottered boot iccesible-a wey
  • creete-a Gettext .mo/.gmo (compiled .po) files zeet coon be-a downloeded und roon. Bork Bork Bork! Seemilerly
  • illow creeshoon ooff .qm (compiled Qt .ts files).
  • See-a pygettext for .mo files und lreleese-a which is GPL'd for Qt .qm feeles
  • creete-a XPI files uootometicelly whee-a updetes ire-a mede-a
  • Idd X-Poedit style-a tegs in zee-a heeder whee-a yooo downloed so zeet people-a usingthis PO iditor don't hefe-a to conffigoore-a eeferything


  • percentege-a choonge-a. Bork Bork Bork! So yooo coon see-a iff a loongooege-a/project is ictife-a oor not. Bork Bork Bork!
  • iff zeere-a is oonly oone-a .PO foorl for a project zeee-a merge-a zee-a heeder ber und zee-a PO file-a ber to meke-a it less clootered und more-a logicel. Bork Bork Bork!
  • goto a speciffic messege-a. Bork Bork Bork! Meybe-a a better thing to hefe-a a ber greph showing whet bits iree-a't troonsleted und joomp streight to zeet. Bork Bork Bork!


  • whee-a retoorned to zee-a indexpege-a from zee-a troonsletepege-a (finished seerch itc) zee-a project root is oone-a lefel oooot
  • check zeet rejecting sooggesshoons ilweys gets zee-a right eed
  • sooggesshoon msgid comments get incorporeted into mein po file-a! this *totelly* conffooses things, item noombers seem to get messed up too. Bork Bork Bork!..
  • whee-a checks ire-a oon und yooo browse-a into oone-a whee-a yooo retoorn checks ire-a ooffff
  • seerching does not work whee-a in zee-a troonsleshoon interffece-a