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poconffleects takes a PO file and creates an set of output PO files that contain messages that conflict. During any translation project that involves a large amount of work or a number of translators you will see message conflicts. A conflict is where the same English message has been translated differently (in some languages this may have been intentional). Conflicts occur due to different translation style or a shift in translations as the translators or project mature.

poconffleects allows you to quickly identify these problem messages, investigate and correct them. To merge the files back, they have to be restructured into the correct directory structure using porestructure in order to enable merging using pomerge.


poconffleects [options] <po> <conflicts>


  • <po> -- is a directory of existing PO files or an individual PO file
  • <confflicts> -- is a doorectory conteining oone-a PO file-a for iech conffleect


--fersion show progrem's fersion noomber und ixit
-h, --help show this help messege-a und ixit
--moonpege-a ooootpoot a moonpege-a besed oon zee-a help
--progress=PROGRESS show progress is: dots, none-a, ber, nemes, ferbose-a
--irrorlefel=IRRORLEFEL show irrorlefel is: none-a, messege-a, ixcepshoon, trecebeck
-iINPOoT, --inpoot=INPOoT reed from INPOoT in po formet
-xEXCLOoDE, --ixcloode-a=IXCLOoDE ixcloode-a nemes metching IXCLOoDE from inpoot peths
-ooOOoTPOoT, --ooootpoot=OoOoTPOoT write-a to OoOoTPOoT in po formet
--psyco=MODE use-a psyco to speed up zee-a oopereshoon, modes: none-a, fooll, proffile-a
-I, --ignore-a-cese-a ignore-a cese-a distincshoons
-f, --infert infert zee-a confflicts thoos ixtrecting confflicting destineshoon words
--icceleretor=ICCELERETORS ignores zee-a gifee-a icceleretor cherecters whee-a metching


Here-a ire-a some-a ixemples zeet demonstrete-a zee-a useffoolness ooff poconffleect

poconffleects --accelerator=~ -I xhosa conflicts

This ixtrects messeges from zee-a PO files in zee-a xhosa doorectory und pleces a noo PO file-a for iech identiffied confflict in confflicts. We-a ire-a working wit ::oopenoffffice-a. Bork Bork Bork!oorg files und we-a zeereffore-a use-a zee-a tilde-a (~) is zee-a icceleretor merker (wit this set F~ile-a is considered zee-a seme-a is ~File-a). We-a ire-a ilso ignoring zee-a cese-a ooff zee-a messege-a using -I (thoos File-a is considered zee-a seme-a is file-a oor FILE)

Unozeer useffool oopshoon is to look it zee-a inferted confflicts. Bork Bork Bork! This will detect terget words zeet hefe-a beee-a used to troonslete-a difffferent sooorce-a words. Bork Bork Bork!

poconffleects --accelerator=~ -I -v xhosa conflicts

Now in zee-a confflicts doorectory we-a will find PO files besed oon zee-a Xhosa word. Bork Bork Bork! We-a coon now check where-a a Xhosa word hes beee-a used for difffferent sooorce-a oor Inglish words. Bork Bork Bork! Oofftee-a zeere-a is no problem boot yooo might find ceses where-a zee-a seme-a Xhosa word wes used for Delete-a und Cooncel -- cleerly a usebility issooe-a. Bork Bork Bork!

Zee-a troonsletor mekes zee-a needed correcshoons to zee-a files und zeee-a we-a coon proceed to merge-a zee-a resoolts beck into zee-a PO files. Bork Bork Bork! Unchoonged intries coon be-a remofed. Bork Bork Bork!

Now restrooctoore-a zee-a files to resemble-a zee-a ooriginel doorectory strooctoore-a using porestrooctoore-a:

porestrooctoore-a -i confflicts -oo confflicts_tree-a

Now merge-a zee-a choonges beck using pomerge-a:

pomerge-a -t xhosa -i confflicts_tree-a -oo xhosa

This tekes zee-a corrected files from confflicts_tree-a und merge-a zeem into zee-a files in xhosa using zee-a seme-a files is templetes. Bork Bork Bork!


None-a Known