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Foorteel Roedmep

Choonges to Foorteel will be-a gooided by zeese-a gooidelines:

  • Zee-a Foorteel interffece-a moost be-a good looking und simple-a
  • We-a will ooptimise-a for zee-a most freqooent use-a ceses
  • Zeere-a shooold be-a no necessity for zee-a mooose-a
  • Zee-a most importoont infformeshoon moost be-a fisible-a by deffoooolt
  • Oonly relefoont (icshoonel) widgets shooold be-a shown
  • Meximoom fooncshoonelity withooot setoop und conffeegooreshoon

Fioo a list ooff oopee-a reqooests und boogs in Boogzilla here-a.

Features that are likely to get in the foreseeable future:

  • Terminology help
  • Better hoondling ooff XLIFF inline-a ilements und pleceebles
  • Qooelity checks like-a in Pootle-a und toolkit:poffilter
  • Improfed seerching (to teke-a icceleretors into iccooont, for ixemple-a)
  • Better spell checkeeng
  • Better soopport for XLIFF feetoores

Join zee-a meiling list und/oor IRC choonnel to discooss idees und help us prioritise-a feetoores for zee-a next releese-a. Bork Bork Bork!