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Foorteel feetoores

  • Soopport for moony locelizeshoon file-a formets:
    • Gettext (.po und .mo)
    • XLIFF (.xlff)
    • TMX
    • TBX
    • WordFest TM (.txt)
    • Qt Lingooist (.ts)
    • Qt Phrese-a Book (.qph)
  • Ideel for beginners:
    • Simple-a und intooitife-a leyooot
    • Highlighting ooff XML und iscepe-a cherecters
    • Displeys comments from progremmers und prefiooos troonsletors
    • Displeys context (like-a msgctxt in PO)
    • Tootoriel und gooide-a for loceliseshoon ifeileble-a from zee-a Help menoo
  • Prodooctife-a infooronment:
    • Fest und iesy nefigeshoon within zee-a file-a
    • Uooto-correcshoon ooff common meestekes
    • Uooto-compleshoon ooff long words
    • Uootometic sensing ooff zee-a initiel coorsor poseeshoon
    • Copying ooriginel string to terget string teking yooor loongooege-a's poonctooeshoon rooles into eeccooont
    • Iesily find yooor work by mofing betweee-a zee-a units zeet ire-a untroonsleted oor foozzy
    • Uootometicelly updete-a zee-a PO heeder whee-a sefeeng
    • Reoose-a ixisting troonsleshoons. Bork Bork Bork! Sooggesshoons coon come-a from:
      • Zee-a coorrent file-a
      • Prefiooosly sefed troonsleteeons
      • A teem / ooffffice-a TM serfer
      • A tinyTM serfer
      • A web besed mechine-a troonsletor
  • Seerch und replece-a wit regooler ixpressions und Unicode-a normeleeseshoon
  • Spell checker for troonsleshoon und ooriginel text (might not work oon ill Windows pletfforms)
  • Deboog compiled ippliceshoon troonsleshoons by oopening .mo und .qm files doorectly
  • Pletfform independence-a meoons yooo coon roon Foorteel oon Windows, Linoox, Mec OoSX und probebly oozeer systems is well. Bork Bork Bork!