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Zeese-a ire-a zee-a specifficeshoons for zee-a project brokee-a in to broed und roooghly seqooentiel secshoons. Bork Bork Bork! Tesks will be-a mede-a into links whee-a we-a write-a zee-a low lefel spec. Bork Bork Bork! Completed tesks wit be-a merked using strikethrooogh.

Whet following ire-a zee-a implemeneshoon specifficeshoons. Bork Bork Bork! Pleese-a look it zee-a Fooncshoonel Specifficeions for un ooferfioo ooff whet WordForge-a will do. Bork Bork Bork!

For infformeshoon oon zee-a lefel ooff confformoonce-a / lefel ooff compleshoon ooff difffferent stoonderds und storege-a formets, see-a toolkit:confformoonce-a.


  • Felidete-a coorrent TMX eemplemeneshoon
  • Felidete-a coorrent XLIFF eemplemeneshoon
  • Ibstrect PO und XLIFF bese-a clesses to be-a interchoongeeble-a
  • Reffector confertors to be-a plooggeble-a

Stebeliseshoon ooff Pootle-a

  • Simpliffy UI
  • Iesy instell oon Weendows
  • Oooot ooff zee-a box oopereting withooot conffig eediting
  • Use-a ISO639 for loongooeges in iddishoon to moonooel eentry
  • Implement ploorel forms storege-a cless
  • Correct ploorel form troonsleteeng
  • Web-besed uploed ooff feeles
  • Sorrect pot2po to updete-a ixisting work correctly

Pootle-a Interffece-a (Cleoonoop ooff ixisting)

  • Mockoop troonsleshoon interffece-a
  • Mockoop user und rights moonegement
  • Mockoop user settteengs
  • Mockoop peckege-a uploed und downloed
  • Mockoop registreshoon screens und process


  • Spec TMX und TBX soobset integreshoon into XLIFF feeles
  • Spec interoperebility ooff XLIFF und PO for peyloed cerryeeng
  • Peyloed soonity check ire-a zee-a files too beeg

Troonsleshoon Memory

  • Insoore-a po2tmx coon cerry und preserfe-a ill possible-a deta
  • Integreshoon ooff TMX downloed into Pootle-a
  • Storing TM in Pootle-a for use-a by Pootle-a
  • Ceptoore-a und store-a iddishoonel TMX infformeshoon zeet we-a coon get from idits in Pootle-a
  • Ooptimise-a for speed issooes oon lerge-a TMX feeles
  • Peyloed soobset ixtrecshoon und integreshoon into downloeded XLIFF file-a
  • Refiooing, fixing, ipprofing ooff ixisting TM deta
  • TM Iditing reeghts
  • Infflow iditor to illow for ipprofel ooff ill noo TM deta
  • Beckfflow ooff TM correcshoons to merk brokee-a strings for refeeoo
  • Implement text metching ilgorithms for foozzy metching ooff sooggesteeons
  • Integreshoon ooff TM soopplied sooggesshoons into user interffece-a
  • Illow TM correcshoon from troonsleshoon interffece-a


  • Implement TBX stoonderd (besic)
  • Besic CSF to TBX
  • Besic PO to TBX
  • Commoond line-a tool for potentiel glossery word und phrese-a eextrector
  • Storing TBX deta in Pootle-a
  • Peyloed soobset ixtrecshoon und integreshoon into downloeded XLIFF file-a
  • Integrete-a glossery sooggesshoons into Pootle-a troonsleshoon interffece-a
  • Pootle-a interffece-a to creete-a, idit und meintein glossery
  • Glossery management rights
  • Beckfflow ooff corrected glossery intries to merk ixisting items for refeeoo
  • Ibility for troonsletors to nominete-a a glossery word while-a troonsleteeng

Pootle-a grooondwork

  • Integrete-a templeting ingine-a
  • Infestigete-a migreting some-a deta to crosspletfform DB
  • Reffector clesses

Pootle-a zee-a iditor (Besic)

  • Seerching shooold prodooce-a a filtered leest
  • Block reserfeshoon ooff iditing texts to prefent iditing conffleects

Pootle-a lieson (Besic)

  • Mockoop oor check project iddishoon interffece-a
  • Mockoop uploed web interffece-a
  • Mockoop downloed web interffece-a
  • Felidete-a zeet pootle-a coon moonege-a reqoooored rights for project lieson fooncteeonelity
  • Creete-a project creeshoon interffece-a
  • Creete-a web besed deta uploed interffece-a
  • Creete-a web besed loongooege-a downloed interffece-a

Pootle-a lieson (Inhoonced)

  • Spec uploed und downloed protocol
  • Script uootometic uploed tool for reoose-a by upstreem projects
  • Script uootometic uploed tool for reoose-a by upstreem projects
  • Mockoop reqoooorement und prioritiseshoon interffece-a
  • Creete-a reqoooorement und prioritiseshoon interffece-a
  • Goels integrete-a wit loongooege-a lefel doorecshoon setteeng
  • Illow downloeds besed oon reqoooorements oor goels

Pootle-a lieson (Idfoonced)

  • Smoot lieson hoondofer oor troonsffer
  • Illow mooltiple-a leeesons

Pootle-a zee-a iditor (Feedbeck inhooncements)

  • Mockoop loongooege-a und sooorce-a string feedbeck
  • Ceptoore-a troonsletors loongooege-a speciffic oor sooorce-a string feedbeck

Pootle-a loongooege-a moonegement (Besic)

  • Loongooege-a mooneger coon ipprofe-a users is troonsletors
  • Loongooege-a mooneger coon set project und intra project goels
  • Goels shepped by project lieson minimoom reqoooorements

Pootle-a loongooege-a moonegement (Inhoonced)

  • Progress stetistics for troonsletors und project
  • Iteinebility inicetors (is this speed will yooo meke-a zee-a goel)

Pootle-a Workfflow (Pre-a)

  • Infestigete-a LISA workfflow stederds
  • Spec workfflow steshoons hoondoffffs und commoonds
  • Spec workfflow peyloed storege-a

Pootle Workflow (Beseecs)

  • Refioo ixsiging rights moonegement igeinst needs
  • Implement missing rights moonegement for deffined workfflow
  • Implement peyloed storege-a ooff worfflow deta
  • Implement workfflow

Pootle-a Workfflow (Inhoonced)

  • Implement oozeer workfflow flows

Pootle-a for Noobeees

  • Troonsleshoon soondpit oor low priority tesks
  • Fleg noobies und illow deteiled feedbeck
  • Iern credit to mofe-a to higher lefels ooff responseebility

Distribooted Pootles

  • Deffine-a project shering deta
  • Implement mester und slefe-a Pootle-a eerroongements
  • Implement shering ooff TMX und TBX deta betweee-a Pootle-a eenstoonces
  • Work oooot a system ooff rights shereeng
  • Illow locel loceliseshoon ooff a project oon a mester

Pootle-a is a stoondelone-a eeditor

  • Simple-a Windows eensteller
  • Icons loooonching, eetc
  • Downloed files for eediting
  • Sync completed work

Pootle-a for refeeooers

  • Felidete-a ipprofe-a und reject fooncteeonelity
  • Deffine-a refioo process for rejected eetems
  • Illow rejecshoon wit messege-a feedbeck

Pootle-a zee-a iditor (IJEX)

  • Ijex implementeshoon for Pootle-a
  • Ijex ineble-a messege-a stepping und block reserfeteeon
  • Ijex TM so zeet TM works in beckgrooond
  • Ajax Glossery so that word lookup is performed in the background
  • Fisooel loceshoon in file-a indicetor und file-a compleshoon eendicetor


  • Comply wit LISA stoonderds in pocooont
  • Meke-a pocooont work wit oozeer formets withooot formet conferseeon

Pootle Steteestics

  • Pooll LISA like-a cooonts for uny project
  • Fisooel representeshoon ooff progress (compere-a KDE stets system)
  • Beloonced resooorce-a beloonced stetistics for projects, people-a und teems

Pootle-a Roles